Deterministic and Stochastic Reed-Frost Epidemic Modeling Software

Stochastic Reed-Frost Epidemic Models
Application of modifications to the model for instruction and application to infectious diseases spread by direct contact.

     This software, associated website and documentation describe some modifications of the standard Reed-Frost epidemic model in application to epidemiology instruction and application to some infectious diseases.

     It presents deterministic examples of disease spread using the Reed-Frost model, and then utilizes modified Reed-Frost models to demonstrate the use of probability distributions and stochastic processes to represent durations of disease states and frequencies of contact.

     The software demonstrates the differences between the different deterministic and stochastic approaches, and lists the results of each calculation, as well as, provides a graphical comparison and representation.

     This computer program can be used in the instruction, and demonstration of epidemiology basics using the Reed-Frost model, and its associated strengths and weaknesses.

     This software and some of the associated presentation material were first presented at the annual Conference for Research Workers in Animal Diseases, (CRWAD), at their December, 2008 meeting in Chicago.

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